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Celebrating the Brothers Lachey, but also sharing and enjoying Jeff Timmons and Justin Jeffre.

Share news, media files, MP3 files, pictures, icons, wallpapers, fan-fiction, whatever your heart desires.

The Community rules here are pretty simple:
1) No flaming. If you can't play nice, then don't play.
2) No hotlinking.
3) Have fun!
4) PLEASE, feel free to pimp the community to your heart's content!
5) Please do not load these files to viewing sites such as youtube or any others that prevent people from downloading the files to their harddrives.
6) Please do not copy all of our files and post them elsewhere with little or no credit.
7) Introducing! Bi-Monthly icon challenges. We hope to see your creations! :D

These last two are the biggies:
8) We are member by approval only. We will DENY all blank and brand new journals. Period.
9) The maintainers reserve the right to edit/add to these rules at any time they see necessary

We have a bi-monthly icon challenge. Rules are below, borrowed with permission from jt_challenge:
01. All submitted icons must fit LJ standards; meaning no larger than 100x100 and 40kb.
02. Do not use the submitted icons elsewhere until the challenge ends.
03. All work must be your own.
05. Respect Nick, Drew, Jeff and Justin.
06. Do not take an icon without the maker's permission.

The Challenges
Challenges will start on Friday and end Thursday Evening (at Midnight, EST) two weeks later. Voting will take place through the following week and along with a new challenge being posted. Banners will be given out when the winners are announced.

01. Only one icon per challenge, unless specified otherwise.
02. No animations, unless specified otherwise.
03. Use only the provided pictures.
04. When submitting your icon, please include a link.
+ Please submit your icon to the designated entry. All comments will be screened.

Voting Guidelines
01.Vote for your 3 favorite icons in order of preference from greatest to least, unless specified otherwise.
02. Do not vote for your own icons.
+ Please vote in the designated entry. All comments will be screened.

~*Good luck, have fun and BE CREATIVE!*~

Other awesome links and places to go:
98 Degrees
Jeff Timmons
Cheryl's Dancing Blog
Strictly Cheryl (Cheryl's Official Site)
(you're welcome to suggest anything else you think we should add here!)

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